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Peggy Fell Overboard John Saved Her Life

John WATSON and Margaret SMITH both IMMIGRANTS, 1632.
“John Watson & Margaret Smith sailed together from England. Tradition is that she fell overboard and he saved her life. He removed from Windsor to Hartford about 1637, where they were married.” --Ted Steele

John and Margaret (Smith) Watson

John WATSON - b. England; d. 1650, West Hartford, Hartford Co., CT. Son of Robert WATSON and Elizabeth. His will was dated Mar. 26, 1650; inventory of estate at £126.01.06 taken Jun. 4, 1650. At Hartford, CT by 1644; juror 1644; highway surveyor 1646. Married in America.

Margaret SMITH - d. 1683, West Hartford, CT. Will dated Mar. 1683, and proved Sep. 6, 1683.

Oral will of Margaret Watson - Mar. 1683

The last Will & Testament of Margaret Watson, who deceased March last past, did declare her Mind & Will as followeth concerning her Estate, & how she would have it disposed of, as she did declare it to Sarah Watson & John Merrells sen: She bequeathd to her daughter Sarah Merrells her red cloth Petticoat. She gave her searge petticoat and her Penny stone Peticoat to her daughter Mary Seamore. She gave to her gr. child Sarah Merrells 1 Pillow beere & one sheet & a white apron. She gave to her gr. Child She gave to her gr. child Susannah Merrells 1 Sheet & 1 Pillow beere. She gave her gr. child Mary Seamor 1 Sheet & 1 blankett & her green apron. She gave to her gr. child Margaret Seamor 1 Sheet & 1 blankett & a Neck Handkercheire. She gave to her gr. Child John Watson 1 great pewter Platter & a Porringer. She did desire that her daughters, Sarah Merrells & Mary Seamor, should have 5 pounds paid to each of them, that was bequeathed to them by their Father's Will. Also she did desire that the now wife of her son John Watson may have the use of the House & Homsted if it should please God that my son John should die before her, for her lifetime.

Sarah X Watson

Taken May 1683 by John Coale, Stephen Hosmer.

Children of John and Margaret Watson

  1. Sarah - b. 1641, Hartford, CT. Married John MERRILL.
  2. John - b. 1646; d. 1725, West Hartford, CT. Administration on the estate granted Jul. 6, 1725 to the widow and sons Cyprian and Caleb. Estate inventoried at £1017, and distributed Jul. 2, 1730. Married first Anna; and second by Mar. 1683 Sarah. Children of John WATSON: John married Sarah STEELE; Thomas; Zachariah; Anna married Lamarock FLOWERS; Cyprian married first Elizabeth STEELE, and second Abigail; Sarah married Thomas SHEPARD; and Caleb married Hannah PORTER.
  3. Mary - Married John SEYMOUR (d. 1713), son of Richard and Mercy. Settled at Hartford, Hartford Co., CT. Children of Mary and John SEYMOUR: John married Elizabeth WEBSTER; Thomas married first Ruth NORTON, and second Mary WATERS (daughter of Bevil WATERS and Elizabeth); Mary married John NORTH; Zachariah died young; Margaret married first Timothy ROOT, and second John REW; Richard married Mary WILSON; John (or Jonathan); Nathaniel; and Zachariah married Hannah OLMSTED.
Parents: John Watson (d. 1650 in Hartford, Hartford Co., CT) and Margaret
Children: Sarah (c.1646), John, Mary

JOHN2 WATSON, son of Robert, was born about 1616, in England. He went to Hartford from Windsor, Conn., about 1637, and married there Margaret (Smith). She was born in England, and tradition says that Peggy Smith, a fellow passenger on the ship coming to America, fell overboard. John Watson saved her and later married her. He was surveyor of highways in Hartford, 1647. In 1645, "The eare marke for Jo Wattson: a little slitt of the side of the near eare & both the tops cutt of both eares." He died in Hartford, in 1650, between March 26, the date of his will, and June 4, its probate. He left his property to his wife, naming portions to be given his son John, when of age, and five pounds each to his daughters Sara and Mary, at eighteen years old. His widow died March, 1683. The will of Margarett Wattson, made March 26, and probated May 31, 1683, mentions her daughters Sarrah Merrels and Mary Seamor; and granddaughters Mary and Margaret Seamor; and the new wife of her son John Watson. (The Bassett Preston Ancestry, pp. 311, 312.) (D. F. P. A. 1913, p. 76--No. 110 John Watson, 1646; married Ann, his first wife; married second, Margaret Smith, between March 25, 1660 and June 4, 1650. She died 1683. (Records of Hartford, Conn., 1644)--John Watson served as Jury, Surveyor, 1646. He died in Hatfield, leaving a widow, Margaret, who died 1683. Reference: "Genealogy of Conn.," Vol. I, p. 351.
Sources: Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service, Pp. 321-22, Author: Elizabeth M. Leach Rixford, Call Number: R929.1 R62t. Families of Early Hartford, CT, Page 391.

( - Justin Maitland)

1- Ancestry Chain: 10th Great Grandparents John WATSON 1632 Immigrant b.1616 and wife Margaret SMITH, Mary WATSON b.1644, John SEYMOUR b.1666, John SEYMOUR b.1694, Lucretia SEYMOUR b.1730, Isaac ENSIGN Rev.WarVet. b.1756, Horace Datus ENSIGN b.1797, Martin Luther ENSIGN b.1831, Harriett Camilla ENSIGN b.1859, George Ensign SMITH b.1898, Camilla SMITH b.1926, Lark, JR.

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