Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Who Do You Think You Are?" Ashley Judd Episode

Ashley Judd an actress and sister of singer Naomi Judd was featured on "Who Do You Think You Are?" a program produced by and aired Friday nights on NBC. We and the Judd's have a common grandfather, William BREWSTER of the Mayflower. You can watch the full episode on line.

"In these cells
and others afterwards known as
the Pilgrim Fathers

were imprisoned
on the 23rd September 1607
after attempting to escape to
religious freedom. "

William BREWSTER of the Mayflower was a religious reformer who had to leave England because of religious persecution.

"Brewster returned to Scrooby. There, from 1590 to 1607, he held the position of postmaster. As such he was responsible for the provision of stage horses for the mails, having previously, for a short time, assisted his father in that office. By the 1590s, Brewster's brother, James, was a rather rebellious Anglican priest, vicar of the parish of Sutton cum Lound, in Nottinghamshire. From 1594, it fell to James to appoint curates to Scrooby church so that Brewster, James and leading members of the Scrooby congregation were brought before the ecclesiastical court for their dissent. They were set on a path of separation from the Anglican Church. From about 1602, Scrooby Manor, Brewster's home, became a meeting place for the dissenting Puritans. In 1606, they formed the Separatist Church of Scrooby."
Ancestry Chain: 13th Great Grandparent - Mayflower passenger William BREWSTER b.1564 / Patience BREWSTER Immigrant b.1599 / Rebecca PRINCE b.1625 / Priscilla PUTNAM b.1657 / Lydia BAILEY b.1695 / John JEFFORDS b.1724 / John JEFFORDS b.1746 / Lucretia JEFFORDS b.1766 / Amariah RAWSON b.1787 / Adaline RAWSON b.1811 / Mary DUNN b.1833 / Harriett Camilla ENSIGN b.1859 / George Ensign SMITH b.1898 / Camilla SMITH b.1926 / Lark / JR.

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Anonymous said...

William Brewster is my 9th-great
grandfather. My list of cousins
is quite impressive. And I guess
Ash and I are also...well...cousins.

Portland, OR