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William WADSWORTH 10th Gr. Grandfather - The Great Migration Begins


ORIGIN: Unknown
MIGRATION: 1632 on Lyon
REMOVES: Hartford 1636
CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: Admission to a Massachusetts Bay church (probably Watertown) prior to 6 November 1632 implied by freemanship.
FREEMAN: 6 November 1632 [MBCR 1:367]. Connecticut freeman (at "Hartford on the north the river"), 13 October 1669 [CCCR 2:518].
EDUCATION: He signed his will. His widow's inventory included "books" valued at 10s.
OFFICES: Collector for Hartford, February 1638 [CT Civil List 57]. Deputy (from Hartford), September 1652, October 1656, February 1657, August 1657, October 1657, May 1658, October 1658, May 1659, October 1659, May 1660, October 1660, May 1661, May 1662, October 1662, May 1663, October 1663, May 1664, October 1664, May 1665, October 1665, May 1666, October 1666, May 1667, October 1667, May 1668, October 1668, May 1669, October 1669, May 1670, October 1670, May 1671, October 1671, May 1672, October 1672, May 1673, October 1673, May 1674, October 1674, May 1675 [CT Civil List 57]. Committee on Stonington and Indian bounds, May 1666 [CT Civil List 57]. Indian Commissioner, May 1666 [CT Civil List 57]. Militia Committee, July 1666 [CT Civil List 57]. War Committee, August 1673 [CT Civil List 57]. Committee on Indian Complaints, May 1674 [CT Civil List 57].
ESTATE: In the Hartford land inventory in February 1639/40 William Wadsworth held the following parcels of land: "one parcel on which his dwelling house now standeth ... four acres (more or less) a parcel whereof he bought of William Rusco & was parcel of his house lot"; "one parcel lying in the little meadow ... three roods & twenty parches"; "one parcel lying in the north meadow ... two acres two roods & ten parches"; "one parcel more lying in the north meadow ... twenty-three acres & twenty-two parches"; " one parcel lying on the east side of the great river ... three acres twenty-four parches"; "one parcel of swamp ... eight acres"; "one parcel lying in the old ox pasture ... twenty-two acres"; "one parcel lying in the cow pasture ... eleven acres, thirty parches"; "one parcel lying in the neck of land ... ten acres"; "lands in Windsor upon Conickticott River mortgaged to William Wadsworth which did belong to Elias Parckmons"; "one parcel .. eleven acres"; "one parcel lying on the east side of Coneckticott River ... twenty-five rood" [HaBOP 184-87].
By 1639 he had sold eight acres at Ventrers Field to Richard Lord [HaBOP 130]. By 1650, John Willcock Jr. had received a parcel of meadow in Hartford from William Wadsworth [HaBOP 420].
By January 1650 William Wadsworth's holdings included "one parcel of meadow lying in the north meadow ... two roods"; "one parcel lying in the old ox pasture containing ... thirty-eight acres"; "one parcel lying in the cow pasture containing ... eighteen acres, two roods, & thirty & six parches"; " one parcel of woodland lying on the west side of the little river ... eighteen acres, two roods & thirty-six parches"; "one parcel lying on the east side of the great river ... one hundred & fourteen acres"; "one parcel lying in the little ox pasture which he bought of Richard Lord containing ... four acres"; "one parcel of meadow lying in the north meadow which he bought of Stephen Hart containing ... three acres & thirty parches"; "one parcel lying in the Soldier's Field containing ... fourteen acres ... whereof he bought of Stephen Hart & part of Zacheriah Field & another part of Richard Olmsted & another part of Will Blomfelld & another part of Nickolas Clarck & another part of William Hayton & another part of John Bronsunn & part of Nath. Yele"; "one parcel of meadow & swamp lying in the north meadow which he bought of Stephen Hart ... twenty acres, one rood & eighteen parches"; "one parcel of woodland lying for cow pasture ... thirty-three acres ... he bought of Richard Lord & another part he bought of Stephen Hart"; "one parcel of woodland which he bought of Richard Lord containing ... thirteen acres"; "one parcel which he bought of Stephen Hart called his house lot containing ... three acres"; "one parcel lying in the north meadow which he bought of Richard Olmsted containing ... two roods & five parches"; "one parcel which he bought of Richard Goodman lying on the west side of the river in a greater parcel which belongeth to Mrs. Haynes, Mr. Talcott, Mrs. Hooker & others, containing by estimation eight acres..."; "one parcel of upland & swamp being his division of upland on the east side the great river containing ... one hundred & fifty-six acres" [HaBOP 187-89].
By 21 October 1654 Richard Goodman had purchased two parcels in the ox pasture, one of four acres and one of five acres, one rood [HaBOP 468]. At some point he exchanged a parcel of nine acres near the little river with this same Richard Goodman [HaBOP 84, 86]. On 12 June 1666, William Wadsworth received one hundred and fifty-six acres of upland in Hartford on the east side of the river next to Windsor [HaBOP 493]. In February 1671[/2] Mr. William Wadsworth had fifty-two acres and "in Stev: Harts 40" totalling ninety-two acres in one division of the undivided lands in Hartford [HaBOP 549].
On 14 October 1669 William Wadsworth was granted "three hundred acres of land provided that he take it up where it do not prejudice any former grants" [CCCR 2:123].
In his will, dated 16 May 1675 and proved 26 January 1675/6, William Wadsworth "being weak in body by the visiting hand of God" bequeathed to "my wife Elizabeth Wadsworth £20 a year the term of her life to be paid £8 by Samuel Wadsworth, £6 by Joseph Wadsworth, & £6 by Thomas Wadsworth"; to "my son John Wadsworth £10 as a token of my love"; to "my son Samuel Wadsworth the other part of my dwelling house ... and the land belonging to it"; to "my son Joseph Wadsworth the house & land I bought of Daniel Pratt in Hartford"; to "my son Thomas all my lands beyond the Great River and the barn to be finished out of the estate, & one quarter part of the household stuff which his mother have not"; to "my daughter Stoten £12"; to "my daughter Terey £6"; to "my daughter Ashley 20s."; to "my daughter Rebeckah £50 & one quarter part of my household stuff which the mother have not"; to "my granddaughter Long 20s."; to "my son Samuel the corn that is upon the ground and all the cattle"; "my son Samuel Wadsworth my sole executor"; on 16 June 1675 he made "Mr. George Gardner and Capt. John Allyn" overseers [Hartford PD Case #5605; Manwaring 1:246 (which misreads "my daughter Terey" as "my daughter Ferris")].
The inventory of William Wadsworth of Hartford was taken 18 October 1675 and totalled £1677 10s. 9d., including £1087 8s. in real estate: "his homelot and housing on it," £140; "homelot and housing belonging thereunto bought of Dan[ie]ll Pratte," £160; 23 acres in the north meadow," £200; "in Harte's upper lot 13 acres & 1/4," £110; "3 acres in Harte's lower lot," £30; "land in soldiers' field pastures and [plowing?] land," £140; "the farm bought at Hockanum of Mr. Hayns," £160; "upland and boggy meadow on the east side of the Great River lying towards Potonck," £10; "6 acres lying in the south meadow," £40; "improved land in the oxpasture," £50; "one acre more lying in the long meadow," £10; 24 acres of upland adjoining to his improved land in the oxpasture," £6; "4 acres in the [little?] oxpasture," 8s.; "56 acres of upland in the cowpasture," £6; "10 acres of land in the neck," £10; "a parcel of upland in the last division," £10; "18 acres of upland lying in the cowpasture leading to Windsor," £3; and a "parcel [of] land of 18 acres ½ lying on the west side of the oxpasture river" [Hartford PD Case #5605; Manwaring 1:246 (which misreads the date of taking of the inventory)].
The division of the estate of Elizabeth Wadsworth, deceased, was agreed upon 6 March 1681/2, leaving various amounts to "Samuel Wadsworth and Joseph Wadsworth and Thomas Wadsworth and Elisabeth Tery and Johnathan Ashly and Rebeca Wadsworth," as well as John Wadsworth [Hartford PD Case #5577; Manwaring 1:372]. The inventory of the estate of Elizabeth Wadsworth, dated December 1681, totalled £51 10s. 6d. [Hartford PD Case #5577].
BIRTH: About 1601 based on estimated date of marriage.
DEATH: Between 16 June 1675 (appointment of overseers) and 18 October 1675 (date of inventory).
MARRIAGE: (1) By about 1626 Sarah Talcott, daughter of John and Anne (Skinner) Talcott of Braintree, Essex (in her will of January 1636/7 Anne (Skinner) (Talcott) Wall bequeathed to "my daughter Sarah, wife of William Wadsworth" [Goodwin Anc 240-41, citing Archdeaconry of Middlesex (Essex & Herts), Bundle "Dean" No. 233]. She died by 1644.
(2) Hartford 2 July 1644 Elizabeth Stone [HaVR 605]. Winthrop treated her for stomach pains in May 1658 [WMJ 114]. She died before 6 March 1681/2. (She was sister of Rev. SAMUEL STONE.)

With first wife

i SARAH, b. say 1626; m. Hartford 17 September 1646 John Wilcox [HaBOP 525; HaVR 607].

ii WILLIAM, b. say 1630 (adult 1653 [RPCC 117]); m. _____ _____, who d. 1659 [Grant 82]; not named in father's will, 16 May 1675.

iii JOHN, b. say 1632; m. say 1658 Sarah Stanley (eldest child thirty-one years old in 1689 [Manwaring 1:514]), daughter of Thomas and Bennet (Tritton) Stanley [TAG 32:199, citing HamPR 1:55].

iv LYDIA, b. about 1634 ("Wadsworth Lidia above 24 or 25 y.," 7 July 1658 [WMJ 117]; "Wadsworth (his eldest daughter) Lidia about 20 y. [sic]," 3 May 1660 [WMJ 201]; about twenty-six years in September 1660 [WMJ 217]); not named in father's will, 16 May 1675.

v MARY, b. say 1635; m. Windsor 30 November 1655 Thomas Stoughton [CTVR 42; Grant 65], son of THOMAS STOUGHTON.

With second wife

vi ELIZABETH, b. Hartford 17 May 1645 [HaVR 575]; m. Windsor 27 November 1662 John Terry, son of STEPHEN TERRY [CTVR 9; Grant 67].

vii SAMUEL, bp. Hartford 20 October 1646 [HaVR 577]; d. unm. between 16 August 1682 and 17 September 1682 [Manwaring 1:372].

viii JOSEPH, b. about 1648 (about nineteen or twenty, 7 August 1667 [WMJ 748]); m. say 1682 Elizabeth Talcott [NEHGR 64:83]; m. (2) after 1710 Mary (Blackleach) Olcott [NEHGR 64:83].

ix SARAH, bp. Hartford 17 March 1649[/50] [HaVR 581] (nine years old 18 August 1659 [WMJ 168]; sixteen years old 17 February 1665[/6] [WMJ 626]); m. 10 November 1669 Jonathan Ashley.

x THOMAS, b. about 1651 (six years old July 1658 [WMJ 117], seven years old 18 August 1659 [WMJ 168]; eight years old 14 March 1659[/60] [WMJ 193]; fourteen years old 20 March 1665[/6] [WMJ 635]); m. by 1677 Elizabeth Barnard (named in her father's will [Manwaring 536; NEHGR 64:81-82]).

xi REBECCA, b. about 1656 (about four years old, 1660 [WMJ 201]; eleven or twelve years old, 7 July 1666 [WMJ 670], "a deep gash in her forehead by a sharp stick," 5 March 1666/7 [WMJ 708]); unm. 1682.

ASSOCIATIONS: His first wife, Sarah Talcott, was sister of JOHN TALCOTT and of Rachel Talcott who married JOHN STEELE [Hale, House 747].

COMMENTS: Upon occasion, William Wadsworth did minor services for the particular court, including appraisal of properties [RPCC 174, 177, 225].
The Great Migration Begins

Anceatry chain: William WADSWORTH Immigrant, Sarah WADSWORTH Immigrant b.1620, Sarah WILCOX b.1648, David ENSIGN Jr. b.1688, Datus (Datis) ENSIGN b.1729, Isaac ENSIGN Rev.WarVet. b.1756, Horace Datus ENSIGN b.1797, Martin Luther ENSIGN b.1831, Harriett Camilla ENSIGN b.1859, George Ensign SMITH b.1898, Camilla SMITH b.1926, Lark,JR.

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