Monday, January 10, 2011


Rather than retype this I share it as jpeg pages. The last line appears on the page above and below.

The Puritans in America: a narrative anthology
Edited by Alan Heimert, Andrew Delbanco

Examination of Suanna Martin (1692)

See and read documents at:

Ancestry Chain: Richard NORTH and Joan BARTRAM /
10th great-grandmother Susannah NORTH-b.1621 and George MARTIN / Jane MARTIN- b.1656 / Samuel HADLEY-b.1677 / Martha HADLEY-b.1704 / Martha SARGENT-b.1725 / Moses QUIMBY-b.1755 / Betsey QUIMBY-b.1795 /Almeda Sophia ROUNDY-b.1829 / Charles PARKER-b.1853 / Laura Elizabeth PARKER-b.1889 / Kirt DeMar WOOD-b.1923 / Lark / TR.

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