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John PERKINS 11th Gr. Grandfather - The Great Migration Begins


ORIGIN: Hillmorton, Warwickshire
MIGRATION: 1631 on first trip of the Lyon
REMOVES: Ipswich 1633
CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: "John Perkins and Judith his wife" were admitted to Boston church as members #107 and #108 (this would be in early 1631) [BChR 14].
FREEMAN: 18 May 1631 [MBCR 1:366].
EDUCATION: He made his mark to his will.
OFFICES: Deputy to General Court for Ipswich, 25 May 1636 [MBCR 1:174]. Committee to set the bounds of Roxbury and Dorchester, 7 November 1632 [MBCR 1:102].
Essex grand jury, 28 [December] 1641, 26 September 1648, 28 September 1652 [EQC 1:37, 145, 260].
On 26 March 1650 "John Perkins Sr., being above sixty years old, is freed from ordinary training" [EQC 1:187].
ESTATE: He had Ipswich land grants: forty acres in 1634, three acres of upland; ten acres of meadow; an island at More's Point; ten acres where "he hath built a house"; six acres of meadow; six acres of upland in 1635, and forty acres at Chebacco in 1636, and six acres of plowland in 1639 [Dudley Wildes Anc 88].
On 10 December 1644 "John Perkins of Ipswich in America" and Thomas Perkins exchanged land in Ipswich [ILR 3:1, 4:268].
In his will, dated 28 March 1654 and proved 26 September 1654, "John Perkines the Elder of Ipswich being at this time sick and weak in body" bequeathed to "my eldest son John Perkines a foal ... also ... to my son John's two sons John and Abraham to each of them one of my yearling heifers"; to "my son Thomas Perkines one cow and one heifer also ... to his son John Perkines one ewe"; to "my daughter Elizabeth Sarjeant one cow and a heifer to be to her and her children after her decease"; to "my daughter Mary Bradbery one cow and one heifer or a young steer ... to her & to her children"; to "my daughter Lidia Bennitt one cow and one heifer or steer ... to her children"; to "my grandchild Thomas Bradbery one ewe"; to "my son Jacob Perkines my dwelling house together with all the outhousing and all my lands ... according to a former covenant, after the decease of my wife"; residue "to my dear wife Judeth Perkines" sole executrix, "as also to dispose of some of the increase to children of my son Thomas and of my three daughters" at her discretion [EPR 1:190-91].
The inventory of John Perkins was undated but totalled £250 5s., including real estate valued at £132: "the dwelling house and barn with out housing," £40 60s. [sic]; "land about the house about eight acres," £12; "more land unbroke up about fourteen acres," £21; "a parcel of marsh about six acres," £12; "a parcel of upland and marsh being much broken about twenty acres," £20; "twelve acres of improved land," £24 [EPR 1:191].
BIRTH: Baptized Hillmorton, Warwickshire, 23 December 1583, son of Henry and Elizabeth (Sawbridge) Perkins [Dudley Wildes Anc 87].
DEATH: Ipswich "1654 aged sixty four years" between 28 March 1654 (date of will) and 26 September 1654 (probate of will).
MARRIAGE: Hillmorton 8 October 1608 Judith Gater, baptized Hillmorton 19 March 1588/9, daughter of Michael Gater [Dudley Wildes Anc 87].
CHILDREN (i-vi baptized Hillmorton, Warwickshire [Dudley Wildes Anc 89-90]):

i JOHN, bp. 14 September 1609; m. by about 1636 Elizabeth _____ (eldest child b. about 1636 [EIHC 19:255, 265-66]; Elizabeth, wife to Quartermaster John Perkins, d. Ipswich 27 September 1684).

ii ELIZABETH, bp. 25 March 1611; m. by about 1636 WILLIAM SARGENT.

iii MARY, bp. 3 September 1615; m. by 1637 Thomas Bradbury (eldest child b. Salisbury 1 April 1637).

iv ANNE, bp. 5 September 1617; no further record.

v THOMAS, bp. 28 April 1622; m. by about 1644 Phebe Gould, daughter of Zacheus Gould (eldest child b. by 1644 [Dudley Wildes Anc 92]; in his will of 11 December 1685 Thomas Perkins bequeathed to his son Zacheus "the farm he lives upon `which I had of my father Gould'" [Dudley Wildes Anc 92]).

vi JACOB, bp. 12 July 1624; m. (1) by 1649 Elizabeth _____ (eldest child b. 1 April 1649 [EIHC 19:264]) [EQC 1:389]; m. (2) after 12 February 1685 Damaris (_____) Robinson, widow of Nathaniel Robinson [Dudley Wildes Anc 90 (evidence not supplied)].

vii LYDIA, bp. Boston 3 June 1632 [corrected from 1631] [BChR 277]; m. by about 1651 Henry Bennett of Ipswich [NEHGR 19:165-69].

ASSOCIATIONS: Walter Goodwin Davis discusses the possibility that Isaac Perkins of Ipswich was a close relative [Dudley Wildes Anc 89].
COMMENTS: On 3 April 1632 a Court of Assistants ordered "that no person whatsoever shall shoot at fowl upon Pullen Poynte or Noddle's Ileland, but that the said places shall be reserved for John Perkins to take fowl with nets" [MBCR 1:94].
In the 1 April 1633 list of men authorized by the court to begin the settlement of Ipswich, the eighth name is "William Perkins" [MBCR 1:103], which must be an error for this John Perkins, inasmuch as WILLIAM PERKINS was at Roxbury at this time, and would not move to Essex County for nearly two decades more.
BIBLIOGRAPHIC NOTE: In 1959 Walter Goodwin Davis published the English origin of John Perkins and his wife, and pushed the Perkins ancestry back to 1475 [Dudley Wildes Anc 81-90].
The Great Migration Begins

Ancestry Chain: John PERKINS Immigant b.1583, Elizabeth PERKINS Immigant b.1611, William SARGENT Rev. b.1645, Phillip SARGENT Sr. b.1672, Philip SARGENT Jr. b.1703, Martha SARGENT b.1725, Moses QUIMBY b.1755, Betsey QUIMBY b.1795, Almeda Sophia ROUNDY b.1829, Charles PARKER b.1853, Laura Elizabeth PARKER b.1889, Kirt DeMar WOOD b.1923, Lark, TR.

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