Sunday, October 10, 2010

Church History in the Family - Nauvoo the Beautiful

2005 Wedding in the Nauvoo temple:
1989 Baptism in the Mississippi at the end of Parley Street, Nauvoo:
1988-1990 Grandparents serving mission in Nauvoo:

Still standing Simeon Adams DUNN home the first two story home built in Nauvoo:
DUNN spice box on display at Scoffield bakery, was found when renovating the DUNN home:

Ancestors who lived in Nauvoo:
1-2 John Davis PARKER and second wife Almeda Sophia ROUNDY (married in Nauvoo temple 1846.)

3-4 Shadrach ROUNDY and wife Betsey QUIMBY and family. name children

5-6-7 Near by Marcy Jane LUCAS with non member husband John WILLIAMS and family including Polly WILLIAMS (DAVIS). name children

8-9 Daniel William SMITH died in Nauvoo 1845 and Sarah WOODING and children. name children

10 Samuel SMITH with first wife Mary Ann LINE and children.
name children

11 Sarah Jane INGRAM orphaned child living with uncle and aunt along with her older brother Richard and little sister Fanny.

12-13-14 Brief stay in 1846 Horace Datus ENSIGN and wife Mary BRONSON with six of their 7 children including teen aged Martin Luther ENSIGN. Horace died at Winter Quarters 1846. Two of Horace's brothers had families in Nauvoo. They were brother Samuel ENSIGN and Mary Everett GORDON and half brother Isaac ENSIGN and Mary BRYANT (grandparents of Sarah Delight STOCKING WOODRUFF).

15-16-17 Simeon Adams DUNN his first Adaline RAWSON died in Nauvoo 1841, their living children Adaline DUNN HAWS married at age 15 in Nauvoo, Mary DUNN (ENSIGN) and Betsy DUNN (HAWS). Simeon's second wife Margaret SNYDER she and son Simeon died in Nauvoo 1846, her daughter Susanna born in Nauvoo 1842.

SEE Robert Grover's Nauvoo slide show:

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