Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mormon Miracle

Lorenzo Wesley Roundy (1819-1876)
son of Shadrach ROUNDY (1789-1872) and Betsey QUIMBY (1795-1880)
Uncle of Charles PARKER (1853-1935).
Relationship to Lark's children
3 great grand Uncle.

pictured Lorenzo Wesley Roundy

H. Gail Pollock Family History Research.

In September of 1870, Brigham Young and a company of 40 men which included Lorenzo Wesley Roundy, John D. Lee, Jacob Hamblin and Brigham Young, Jr. Major John Wesley Powell the explorer of the Colorado River was also a member of this party for at least part of the trek. September 7-9 1870, while the exploring company was traveling from Peter Shirt's (aka Peter Shurtz) abandoned fort/ranch on the Paria River towards Kanab. John D. Lee records: "at 8 the co. was again on the role. Bro. Stewart & myself on the lead with the buggy by permission of Prest. Young. Ascended the Mountain where the evening before a miraculous accident occurred with Bishop L. W. Roundy. While descending, one of his horses got one of their hoof fast between 2 rocks which threw the animal down & the other one over that one & the carriage pressing was in the air. Fortunately, [it was?] caught by two men who was behind. [They?] held on to it until the springs were all wrenched out of place, throwing the driver, Bishop Roundy, 40 feet down the precipice. In a moment all was right up with care, nothing hurt. Major Powell, who witnessed the scene, rode up to me & said that he saw a miracle....Said that if he had been in the States, he would have expected to have seen a man's neck broke, a pair of horses killed & a carriage stove to atoms at least. But with you Mormons, in a moment all is up again & nobody hurt. Within 12 miles of Kanab the company halted." Peter Shirt's cabin/fort/ ranch on the Paria River is about 40 miles east of Kanab, Kane County, Utah. Shirt's was asked/forced to abandon his remote and unauthorized outpost by the church during a prior time of Indian troubles.

(Taken from a section headed by "From John D. Lee's diaries #3,#4 and #5". )

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