Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sarah Amy JONES HAWKES Obituary

Sarah Amy JONES HAWKES b.16 Apr 1875 - d. 9 May 1952

Hawkes family gathers at time of funeral

From left three women and man are unknown to me. Women behind Gloria in pink skirt is Eva HAWKES STEINERthen bold Glendon STEINER and three or four of their girls in back, in front of post with red dress and white jewelry is Margene , nest may or may not be Marilyn, the second girl in pink skirt must be Virginia. I would guess the boy in front of Glendon next to Gloria would be a Steiner. Man kneeling with book is Ernest OBRAY he is Kate's husband, Neva CARDON HAWKES she is Lorin's wife, Kate HAWKES OBRAY then my aunt Amy SMITH ISAKSEN with one of her white haired sons, I think it is Larry (she has 10 children) [Amy was born in 1920 and is only 7 month younger than her uncle Blayne HAWKES], my grandmother Ella HAWKES SMITH is behind Virginia in the pink skirt, next is La Venia FRANK HAWKES her husband Bert HAWKES, Cellia and Blayne HAWKES, down in front are Ethel and Vern POULTER their daughter with Marian, young man at right may be Lynn POULTER. There is a man left of pillar and three women in the back that are unknown, only one of them can really be seen.

My mother and two of her sisters are not pictured. Mother was a working mother with three children the youngest was only 2 months old. Her older sister was in Japan and gave birth to her third child later that month. Mother's younger sister was to be married 2 week later.


Myrle Dalton said...

The tall boy behind the Poulters is Lynn Poulter, I think.

Is the man kneeling, Lorin?

Bert's wife (Herbert Jr.) you have her named Ollie. I always thought her name was Lavina.

More questions than answers.

Lark said...

Thank you Myrle, now I know what name she was known by. I have her full name was Ollie La Venia FRANK HAWKES.

Cheryl will have to tell us if the man with the book down in front of Neva is Lorin. I can't tell.

The first man, he is wearing red tie and has his hand on the hip of the woman at his right, looks like Herbert Frank HAWKES. Could I be right?

cskelton said...

The man kneeling looks like Ernest Shelton Obray, Kate's husband. I have a feeling my dad is taking the picture.