Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

M is for macaroni with the salmon patties
O is for ornery attitude
T is for the tinsel, banned from Christmas trees
H is for Hostess Twinkie food
E is for the eclairs, never had none
R is for real imitation fake fur coat

Put them all together they spell "Mother"

I hope that she'll appreciate this note.
For Mothers Day has rolled around once more now
And once again I type some feeble verse
I substitute these rhymes for gifts and presents
Count your blessing Mom, it could have been much worse.
I could have sent the George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Fighting Grilling Machine
Or some phony flowers purchased from the store,
Or maybe a plastic three piece animated Last Supper Clock
But this act of love is really worth much more.
These lines are wrested from my mind and heart now
My eyes, if I were crying, would be damp.
And the thing required most for this fine tribute
Just a thrity-three and, first class postage stamp.
The first part of this poem spelled out mother
The second part is something more obscure.
Put them all toghether they spell "FAICIOOBTMAJ"
(Maybe it will mean something to her)

Happy Mothers Day from your loving son.

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