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Sarah WOODING SMITH - Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude

Ancestral Chain: TR, Lark, Camilla SMITH, George Ensign SMITH, Isaac SMITH, Samuel SMITH, Sarah WOODING.

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Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude
Volume IV
S to Z
International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers
page 2947-2848 and 3173

NEEDED CORRECTION: As a widow Sarah WOODING SMITH pioneers to Utah 1848 with her daughter Jane Louisa SMITH TURPIN. Sarah's son Samuel pioneered to Utah in 1850.

page 2947
page 3173
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Jane Louisa SMITH TURPIN - daughter of Sarah WOODING SMITH,
sister of Samuel SMITH.

From Daughters of Utah Pioneers in biography written by Rosena Julie Van about Sarah Wooding Smith, excerpts taken from this biography.

Daniel William SMITH and Sarah WOODING
Sarah Wooding married Daniel William Smith, son on William Smith and Elizabeth Longhurst on 10 July 1815, a businessman, who was of course, below her station in life, so her father disowned her. Sarah and Daniel Wooding accepted Mormonism among the first few saints taught by Mormon Elders in London among whom was Lorenzo snow. They made preparations to come to America. Lord James Wooding, on learning of their conversion, disinherited Sarah as well.
Daniel and Sarah sailed for America with Samuel's family and Jane Louisa and 2 younger children on the Ship Swanton on 16 Jan 1843 under the leadership of Lorenzo Snow, landed in New Orleans, then up the Mississippi River to Nauvoo.
Shortly after Sarah and Daniel and family were baptized, Jane Louisa became very ill and they feared for her life. The doctor came and did what he could, but said she could not live. Sarah's son Samuel came to see his sister. He told his father to clear the room of unbelievers, and they holding the Priesthood of God administered to Jane and were directed to promise her life, health, and strength. The recovery of her daughter strengthened Sarah's testimony as well as other members of the family.
To was great for Sarah and her family to become acquainted with the Prophet Joseph Smith and the other Church leaders. She was proud to have her husband Daniel, advanced thru the Priesthood to the office of a High Priest. They grieved with the rest when their beloved Prophet and his brother Hyrum were killed in June of 1844. It was Sept. 1845 when Sarah was called upon to bury her own dear husband. He died near Nauvoo where they were living.

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