Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

Kirt DeMar WOOD (12 Dec 1923 - 26 Nov 1987).
I remember the goodness, the greatness and the faithfulness to Gospel truth.

Thanksgiving a day to rest, to give thanks and remember. Religious in origin, Thanksgiving is a part of our family history since 1621 in the Plymouth colony. In my life time it brings back memories of Mother and Grandmas in aprons, of Grandpa with a large cloth napkin tucked in his collar and of cousins. Loretta did not like sweet potatoes. I thought every family had grandmothers from both side at their table, I'm thankful for that memory.

I remember the first Thanksgiving away when I met the family of the man I would marry. Grandma Wanda made stuffing to please, stove top for Heather, oyster for everyone else but no sage. That may be why I remember the stuffing. My grandmother Ella used sage so when she no longer made the stuffing my mother also used sage. The first year my husband had Thanksgiving in with my family he remembers so much sage it burned this throat.

Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks for my Dad who died at 6:30 a.m. Thanksgiving day 1987. I have not begun a Thanksgiving day in the last 22 years without remember my wonderful Dad, his goodness, his greatness and his faithfulness to Gospel truth.

The memories of Thanksgiving with my husband and children are the greatest. We lived too far to join our greater families. My husband is the pie maker. Thanksgiving is one of our pie holidays with lots of different kinds of pie. One year when grandma Cami joined us she told me "you could not make pecan pie at home." Even the year he left the sugar out, proved her wrong. My girls have learned by example and they are all pie makers. Now we have this pie holiday to give thanks and remember together from New York to Minnesota to Utah and back. We remember and give thanks. We will all report what kinds of pies are shared.

I am thankful for all of my loved ones, their goodness and their greatness and their faithfulness to Gospel truth.


Talyn said...

We're having pumpkin, chocolate mousse, apple, lemon meringue, and cheesecake (with raspberries hopefully). Courtlin refuses to change your minor untruth into a truth by making a pie. She remains traumatized by a bad experience making a pie for dad. That sounds like someone else I know.

cskelton said...

Loved this post, Lark. You are fortunate to have had both grandmas at one Thanksgiving table. I only remember my mother's side having family Thanksgivings, since Grandpa and Grandma Hawkes had passed away early in my babyhood. We may have done a year or more with Aunt Eva's family, because we did have many get togethers with them, I just don't remember, how many would have been Thanksgiving.

We do many pies as well, my second son is the best pie maker, and since he has a wheat, yeast, soy high allergy, he makes remarkable pies. This year he made chocolate cream, eggnog (pie), apple cranberry crunch, pumpkin, then we also had peach pie, and pumpkin cheesecake.

I think Thanksgiving should definitely be that time we remember, and you have a great Dad and Mom to start that ancestry memory with.


JWoo said...

Kirt D. Wood (Dad). The Greatest Man I have ever known or had the privilege to be associated with.