Friday, November 27, 2009

Monuments and Markers - Hurricane Canal

The names of John Andrew WOOD and his father John WOOD Jr. are listed on this monument as canal builders.

Sons of the Utah Pioneers
Monuments & Markers

Hurricane Canal Trailhead Monuments
(#15, 100, 100A)
Sponsor: Hurricane Valley Chapter, 1987 & 2001
Location: 200 East 100 North; GPS: 37° 10' 41.65" N, 113° 17' 03.47" W

At this location there are four markers mounted on large rocks; also other artifacts and a bowery with seating. These monuments mark the spot where water first flowed into Hurricane Valley from the Rio Virgin River. The canal was literally etched into the mountainside stretching hundreds of feet above the canyon floor, passing through ten tunnels of solid rock and over five trestled flumes. With hand tools and dynamite, the 12-mile channel took twelve long years to build. The four plaques are titled as follows: Birth of Hurricane, Builders of Historic Hurricane Canal, Historic Hurricane Canal and Historic Hurricane Canal Trail.

4 WOOD / Parker
5 WOOD / Gibson

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