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Part I, Kirt DeMar WOOD Funeral Service 1987

Kirt D. WOOD

Bishop Joe Squire Officiating. Orem 77th Ward

Brothers and sisters we welcome you to these services to honor and remember our good friend and loved one, Kirt D. Wood. Kirt was born December 12 1923 in Hurricane, Utah, the son of John Andrew and Laura Elizabeth Parker Wood. He married Camilla Smith, June 11, 1946 in the Salt Lake temple. He received his early education in the Salt Lake City schools, receiving a BS degree in Education and a MS degree in Education Administration from the University of Utah. He was an active and strong member of our ward with a life full of church service and a real love for the gospel and a student of the gospel. He taught in the fifth and sixth grade at Granger and Twin Peaks Elementary School, in the Granite School District, for thirty years and was a sponsor of the Twin Peaks Elementary School Chess Club. He was a veteran of World War II, received a purple heart. He had many interests; skiing, chess, poetry, racket ball; he had been a president of the Orem Racket Ball Club. He is survived by his wife, two sons and four daughters. Gaye..., Lark..., Denise..., Corinne..., Wesley..., and Jonathan...serving a mission in the Independence Missouri Mission. Also 21 grandchildren, one brother and two sisters, Lex..., Delna Alvi of North Las Vegas, and Iris Peterson of McKinleyville California.

Kirt was truly one of the great souls of our ward. As we had a chance to visit with him the last few months we’d hear of his struggles and how difficult things were getting. And yet we’d go and visit, and I never... I always felt a lift when I was around Kirt, even when he must have been in a lot of discomfort and pain. But his faith and positive attitude and his humor had an effect of making us feel comfortable and that all was well. Recently, in our ward he... several months ago, came up to the front of the church to bare his testimony. And I take great comfort in remembering his testimony and gratitude that he had for his family and friends and neighbors. And of the testimony he had of the Savior and of the plan of salvation. He challenged us at that time in our ward to... Because of his hearing loss, he challenged as many would to come up to the front and use the microphone, it has become a tradition in our ward since Kirt did that several months ago, and one that we really appreciate, its added a lot to our services. It was... I don’t even know where to give credit for, I know Kirt’s love for poetry and literature, and how comfortable and easy it was to talk to him about any number of subjects because of his reading and his interests. But I ran across this that I’d like to read just in introduction.

In a beautiful blue lagoon on a clear day a fine sailing ship spread its brilliant white canvas in the fresh morning breeze and sails out to the open sea we watch him glide away magnificently through the deep blue and gradually see him grow smaller and smaller as he nears the horizon. Finally, where the sea meets the sky he slips silently from sight and someone near me says “There he is gone.” “Gone where?” “Gone from sight thats all, he is still as large in mast and haul and sail. Still just as able to bear a load and we can be sure that just as we say, “There he is gone” another says, “There he comes.”

Kirt was a great example to all of us, and this day when we remember and honor him its with the hope that we will gain strength from his memory in fighting the fight. In being faithful and living as close to our Heavenly Father’s gospel as we can.

There are a couple of small corrections to the printed program that you have. One, Jeremy Hill is a pallbearer, and it was inadvertently put in as Jeremy King. Kirt’s name is spelled with a “t” at the end of Kirt. And we just had a nephew who was able to come and share his musical talents with us, Jefferson Dalton will be accompanied by his wife Terry right before the closing prayer. We will now follow the program as its printed. Prior to the meeting the family prayer was offered by Wesley Kirt Wood, the opening prayer to these services will be offered by Nolan Hill, a son-in-law. Followed by a musical selection by Denise Hill his daughter, “O Divine Redeemer.” And Denise, as much as she wanted to participate in the program, was concerned about her ability to sing at a tender moment and has recorded with the help of Byrdenne Johnson, her accompanist, who is responsible for the prelude and postlude music. She recorded two numbers and they will just be played on the recorder. The first song “O Divine Redeemer.” Then there will be a life sketch by Henry Isaksen a brother-in-law. A violin duet by Nancy Forrest and Richard Jonas members of a quartet that Gaye, Kirt’s daughter, is in. Then we will have a speaker Delmon Erickson, a long time friend and study companion of Kirt’s. We’ll have remarks by Wayne Terry, a good neighbor and someone they have appreciated. Then they’ll be another recorded song by Denise, “The Test,” followed by Jefferson Dalton and his wife. The closing prayer will by offered by Larry Layton another son-in-law and we’ll go through the program to that point and then I will announce the closing prayer at that time and where the internment will be and the route that we’ll take to get there.

1 Lex and DeMar Brothers, 2 DeMar age fifteen, 3 K D WOOD WWII, 4 Dee and Father in-law Ensign SMITH, 5 Camilla and Dee MS U of U, 6 Kirt and Jonathan and Mother in-law Ella SMITH, 7 Kirt and Camilla at Brighton.

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