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John Henry NEWMAN son of Joseph NEWMAN and Elizabeth HUGHES

John NEWMAN and Sarah Matilda Marchant family

John NEWMAN is the great-grand uncle of Kirt DeMar WOOD

(Conquerors of the West, By Florence C. Youngberg, National Society, Sons of Utah Pioneers, p. 1807-1808. Photo p. 1807.)

John Henry NEWMAN

Born: 27 Jan 1838, Portabello, Stafford, England
Parents: Joseph and Elizabeth Hughes Newman
Died: 18 Jul 1902, Milo, Madison, Idaho
Arrived in Valley: 24 Sep 1853, Claudius V. Spencer Co.

Married: Sarah Matilda Marchant
Date: 26 Dec 1859, big cottonwood, Salt Lake, Utah
Born: 1 Sep 1841, Bath, Somerset, England
Parents: Abraham and Lydia Johnson Marchant
Died: 20 Jan 1910, Milo, Madison, Idaho

John Joined the Church when his parents did in 1850. The family began paying into the Church Immigration Fund so they could join the saints in the Valley. In 1853, they all set sail from Liverpool with 345 other saints. In Kanesville they joined Claudius Spencer’s wagon train.

Upon their arrival they went southeast to the Cottonwood area, where they settled. It was here that John met and Married Sarah. After the birth of their first child. John was called to help settle Peoa on the Weber River in Summit County. He farmed, did carpentry work and had the second blacksmith shop in town. He was one of 16 men who took up land in the “New Field” at the mouth of Weber Canyon above Oakley.

In 1896, John and his family followed his sons John and Abraham to Idaho where they filed claims on land northeast of Idaho Falls. Their first home, built of logs, was destroyed by fire. They rebuilt with stone. The home still stands in 1998.

They were active in the church there and John continued to work as a blacksmith. He was a good, kind man with a strong faith in the church.

John Henry, b. 16 Oct 1860, Big cottonwood, Utah. Md. 19 Oct 1887, Josephine Harmon. D. 19 May 1923.

Abraham William, b. 16 Sep 1862, Peoa, Utah. Md. 1st, 18 Nov 1885, Amanda Wilhelmina Nelson. Md. 2nd, 10 Jul 1909, Marie Carlson. Md. 3rd, Jan 1917, Elizabeth Burkhart. D. 22 Dec 1940.

Sarah Matilda, b. 7 Jan 1864, Peoa, Utah. D. 17 Jan 1864. Infant

Lydia Maria, b. 13 Mar 1865, Peoa, Utah. Md. 19 Oct 1887, Oliver Charles Harmon. D. 3 Apr 1891.

Joseph Alma, b. 3 Dec 1866, Peoa, Utah. Md. 8 Mar 1893, Ellen Josephine Nelson. D. 16 Jun 1928.

Elizabeth May, b 23 May 1869, Peoa, Utah. Md. 25 Feb 1891, Charles Jesse West. D. 19 Oct 1949.

Robert Marchant, b. 24 Feb 1871 1871. Peoa, Utah. Md. 12 Jan 1899, Violet Galbraith Manning. D. 7 Apr 1932.

James Johnson, b. 11 Jan 1873, Peoa, Utah. Md. 25 Mar 1903, Ella Alice Pearson Horkley. D. 27 Jul 1948.

Albert Samuel, b. 2 Dec 1874, Peoa, Utah. Md. 10 Oct 1900, Sarah Julia Anderson. D. 30 Jan 1939.

Mary Ann, b. 27 Sep 1876, Peoa, Utah. Md. 11 Oct 1899, Charles Henry Nixon. D. 23 Mar 1947.

Amelia Sophia, b. 11 Jul 1878, Peoa, Utah. Md. 5 Apr 1900 Joseph Willard Horkely. D. 3 Mar 1950.

Emily Florence, b. 13 oct 1880, Peoa, Utah. Md. 6 Nov 1902, Henry Cook. D. 8 Jan 1944.

Franklin Hughes, b. 26 Sep 1885, Peoa, Utah. Md. 1st, 6 Mar 1912, Ethel Amelda Crowley. Md. 2nd, 26 Nov 1947, Mary Lillian Lidell (Miller). D. 18 Feb 1961

Submitted by: Marchant Family

(Conquerors of the West, By Florence C. Youngberg, National Society, Sons of Utah Pioneers, p. 1807-1808. Photo p. 1807.),+Genealogical+and+Biographical+Record+of+the+State+of+Utah&source=gbs_similarbooks_s&cad=1#v=onepage&q=&f=false


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