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11th gr grandparents Rev. John WILSON (1588-1667) and Elizabeth MANSFIELD (abt 1595-1658)

Twice related to Rev. Dr. William WILSON and Isabel WOODHALL:
12th GGparents Rev. William WILSON D.D. 1542-1615 and Isabel WOODHALL abt 1546-bef 1615 / Rev. John WILSON Immigrant 1588-1667 and Elizabeth MANSFIELD abt 1595-1658 / Rev. John WILSON jr. 1621-1691 Immigrant and Sarah HOOKER 1630-1725 / Sarah WILSON 1650-1725 / Elizabeth TORREY 1685- / Elizabeth GREEN 1705-1781 / John ROUNDY 1726-1813 / Uriah ROUNDY 1756-1813 Revolutionary War Vet. / Shadrach ROUNDY 1789- 1872 Mormon Pioneer / Almeda Sophia ROUNDY 1829-1912 Mormon Pioneer / Charles PARKER 1853-1935 / Laura Elizabeth PARKER 1889-1770 / Kirt DeMar WOOD 1923-1987 and Camilla SMITH 1926-1999 / Lark / TR

12th GGparents Rev. William WILSON D.D. 1542- and Isabel WOODHALL / Margaret WILSON 1588-1627 and David RAWSON 1587-1617 / Secretary Edward RAWSON 1615-1693 Immigrant / William RAWSON 1651-1726 / Nathaniel RAWSON 1689-1731 / Nathaniel RAWSON 1716-1803 / Abner RAWSON1764-1846 Revolutionary War Vet. / Amariah RAWSON 1787-1854 / Adaline RAWSON 1811-1841 / Mary DUNN 1833-1920 Mormon Pioneer / Harriett Camilla ENSIGN 1859-1930 / George Ensign SMITH 1898-1967 / Camilla SMITH 1926-1999 and Kirt DeMar WOOD 1923-1987 / Lark / JR

[12th gr. grandfather] Rev. Dr. William Wilson Born abt 1542 in England. William died in May 1615. Buried on 15 May 1615 in St George’s Chapel, Windsor. Education: Merton College, Oxford, B.A. 1564, B.D. 1576, D.D. 1607.

William was prebendary of St Paul’s and Rochester Cathedral, Rector of Cliffe, Kent, and in 1584 became Canon of Windsor.

From Bartlett:
William was “rector at Islip, Oxfordshire, 1578; rector of Cliffe, co. Kent, 1579; rector of Caxton, co. Kent, 1593, prebendary of St. Paul’s, London, 1595-1615, and of Rochester Cathedral, 1594-1614. About 1580 he became chaplain to Edmund Grindall, Archbishop of Canterbery, and in 1583 became canon of Windsor, holding this position for thirty-two years, until his death May 15, 1615, aged 73, and was buried in the chapel of St. George, Windsor Castle, where a monumental brass to his memory states that he was ‘beloved of all in his Life, and much lamented in his Death.’”

Abt 1570 William first married [12th gr. grandmother] Isabel Woodhall , daughter of [13th gr. grandfather] John Woodhall Esq (abt 1519-) & [13th gr. grandmother] Elizabeth Grindall (abt 1520-bef Apr 1583). Born abt 1546. Isabel died bef 1615 in England. Buried in Rochester Cathedral, Kent.
Other Spouse of Rev. William WILSON D.D. was Ann Webb.

Isabel Woodhall's grandparents were [14th gr. grandfather] John Woodhall (abt 1483-) & [14th gr. grandmother] Jennett Crakeplace (abt 1490/1500-). And [14th gr. grandfather] William GRINDALL (abt 1494-). Who was the father of Elizabeth Grindall whos brother was Edmund GRINDALL the Archbishop of Canterbury under Queen Elizabeth 1st. Elizabeth's sister Rachel GRINDALL is also one of our 13th gr. grandmothers.

11th gr. grandfather Rev John WilsonBirth:Dec., 1588 Berkshire, England
Death:Aug. 7, 1667 Boston Suffolk, Massachusetts

WILSON, John, clergyman, born in Windsor, England, in 1588; died in Boston, Massachusetts, 7 August, 1667. Young Wilson was educated at Eton and at Cambridge, where he was graduated about 1606. He studied law three years at one of the inns of court, and took orders in the Church of England, but soon became conspicuous for his Puritanical leanings, he preached at Mortlake, Henley, Bumstead, Stoke, Clare, and Candish, and for several years was minister of Sudbury, Essex, where he was repeatedly suspended or silenced by the bishop's court for his opinions, but was befriended by Robert Rich, Earl of Warwick. Becoming interested in the colonization of Massachusetts, he and many of his neighbors embarked on 8 April, 1630, in the great fleet with John Winthrop and his associates of the Massachusetts company. He landed at Salem on 12 June, and soon afterward removed to Charlestown, where he preached under a tree, and on 30 July organized what was subsequently the 1st church in Boston, to which place the majority of the members soon removed. He was ordained teacher of the church on 27 August by imposition of hands by the several communicants. In 1631 he sailed for England, where he remained until May, 1632, and was ordained pastor in November of the latter year. He again visited England in the autumn of 1634, and remained absent a year. Soon after his return the Antinomian controversy arose in his congregation, and Governor Winthrop and Wilson fought stoutly against the faction that was led by Anne Hutchinson. While this discussion was pending, an expedition was sent against the Pequots, and Mr. Wilson was selected by lot as its chaplain. He outlived two colleagues in the ministry, John Cotton and John Norton, and was left at the age of seventy-six with the entire charge of his congregation on his hands. He continued in the active discharge of his duties until finally disabled by a fatal disease.

11th gr. grandmother Elizabeth Mansfield Wilson
Birth: unknown
Death: 1658

Elizabeth Mansfield was the daughter of John and Elizabeth Mansfield. She married the Rev. John Wilson by about 1617, She died about 1658.

She did not accompany her husband in 1630, and her unwillingness to come to New England was the subject of several letters from Margaret Winthrop to her son John in May 1631; she first reported that "Mr. Wilson is now in London and promised me to come and see you. He cannot yet persuade his wife to go, for all he hath taken this pains to come and fetch her. I marvel what mettle she is made on. Sure she will yield at last, or else we shall want him exceedingly in New England." In her second letter she noted that WILLIAM CODDINGTON "is gone to Sudbury to Mr. Wilson," and in her third letter that "if he go it must be without his wife's consent, for she is more averse than ever she was." John Wilson's wife did return with him in 1632, however, for they had a child born and baptized in Boston in 1633. When John Wilson made a second trip to England in 1634, she was "at first very much affected with her husband's departure, but she is now well pacified"
(Histories of John Wilson and Elizabeth Mansfield by Jean-Pierre Adrien Fortin)
They had four children: EdmundWILSON, [10th gr. grandfather] Rev. John WILSON who married [10th gr. grandmother] Sarah HOOKER daughter of [11th gr. grandfather] Rev. Thomas HOOKER , Elizabeth WILSON wife of Rev. Ezekiel ROGERS, & Mary WILSON wife of Rev. Samuel DANFORTH.

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