Tuesday, June 2, 2009

James HAWKES family Adelaide, Australia


James HAWKES third great grand uncle:
James HAWKES family
Adelaide, Australia

James HAWKES (1834-1895) was the youngest brother of Francis HAWKES. Francis HAWKES (1830-1899) and his mother Mary Ann MILES HAWKES (1798-1879) joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and immigrated to America. Martha HAWKES (1827-1879) her daughter Eliza Ann and Martha's husband John BOWBEAR (1825-1899) also immigrated to America. The other five sons of Mary Ann MILES and the late William HAWKES (1790-1838) immigrated to Australia. They were Thomas (1824-1865), Benjamin (1826-1904), Geroge (1829-1891), Henry (abt 1832-1890) and James. Martha and John BOWBEAR later joins the HAWKES family in Australia, had no children and are buried in West Terrace Cemetery, Adelaide, Australia

back L-R
Julia Rebecca Ann [Davidson], Eliza Caroline [Naylor], Albert Edward, Edith Maud [Yeo].
front L-R
Louisa Adelaide [Rhodes], Martha Bowbear [Downing] twin. James Hawkes & Louisa [Brown], John Bowbear, twin.
(youngest child deceased - Arthur James Hawkes b 9 Nov 1878 d Feb 1879.)

James HAWKES born 19 Oct 1834 Bethnal Green Middlesex, England, died 20 Mar 1895 Colliver St. Norwood, South Australia, buried in Adelaide, South Australia. James married 22 Oct 1864 in the Wesleyan Chapel, Pirie St. Adelaide, South Australia - Lourisa BROWN the daughter of Joseph Brown mother unknown. Lourisa was born Abt 1839 (Bethnal Green St, London, Middlesex, England) died 24 Mar 1900, Coliver St. Norwood, South Australia.

James and Louisa Brown HAWKES gravestone Adelaide, South Australia


cskelton said...

So Lark, do you have a contact in Australia?

Lark said...

I found Norma, she sent me the pictures and a file. From that file I found that Norma is your Australian third cousin.

cskelton said...

I rather assume its Norma Biggs. I had been communicating with her last year. Then my hubby died, and her husband died just 12 days after mine. I've really not done anything since. Everything in my house has pretty much been turned upside down. Seems to get harder not easier, at least some days.