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Kanarra Young Men's Mutual Improvement Association (YMMIA) Minutes 1878-1890

Typed by Kerry Bate
Kanarra Young Men's Mutual Improvement Association (YMMIA)
Minutes 1878-1890

Almeda Sophia PARKER "Taylor"

p. 92 (16 Mar 1886): Conjoint meeting. “Select reading by A.S. Parker upon Plural Marriage,” “Dialogue by M.S. Roundy, Jr. Ella Perkins S.C. Stapley & W.T. Stapley.” [Almeda Sophia Parker here age 18 daughter of John Davis Parker and Almeda Sophia Roundy Parker.]

p. 98 (25 Jan 1890): [These minutes follow the previous ones] “Song by Maggie Davis, Hattie Ford, Samantha Parker and M. Harmon. Toast by J.J. Roundy song by W.W. Roundy entitled the old man’s drunk again—tune by the harmonica band.” [Samantha Parker here age 13 daughter of John Davis Parker and Almeda Sophia Roundy Parker.]

p. 101 (19 Mar 1890): “Recitation by Jesse Berry. Dialogue by Samantha Parker, Martha Williams, and J.J. Roundy.” “Essay by Mina Berry song by Maggie Davies and Martha Williams”—harmonica band.

Kanarra YMMIA Minutes 1890-1901

p. 1 (6 Dec 1890): Joel J. Roundy gives prayer; “J.J. Roundy then spoke a short time, gave some encouragin remarks.” Bishop Ford mentioned reorganizing, “said he would leave it in the hands of the meeting to choose a President.” Riley G. Williams chosen as president with John A. Stapley as assistant.

pp. 58-59 (17 Jan 1897): “Bro. John Steele was asked to take first part by giving an account of the early settlement of Iron County which he did in an interesting manner, being one of its first settlers. A guitar solo was rendered by Arnold Graf assisted by W.W. Pollock.” “Bp Wm Ford followed with his experience, in early life, with the grasshoppers war in the summer of 1855, and in 1865 of the troubles with the Indians at Kanab. Of his moving from Kanab to Long Valley and thence around to the crossing of the Virgin river just below Toquer and then to Kanaraa… ‘Reward of Drunkenness,’ [reading or lecture] by Frank Stratton…. Rebecca Williams Sang ‘When the swallows homeward fly.’”


p. 60 (31 Jan 1897): “Brother Josiah Reeves followed with his early experiences in Utah: His troubles and trials with Indians, hard times, Etc. He felt to thank the Lord for the protecting care which had been over him up to the present time. Music by W.W. Pollock and Arnold Graff on Harmonica and guitar. Sister Sophia Parker related instances which she, with her parents and many others passed through when leaving Nauvoo. Their being in destitute circumstances sickness in companies, plagues, their way of traveling, guns in hand while walking along side of teams, trouble with rats, leaving them destitute of clothes clouds of crickets between earth and sun, gulls devouring them. living on rawhides &c. She bore testimony that this was the church and kingdom of God and that Joseph Smith was a true Prophet of God. A song was rendered by Ethel and Isabella Williams music by the guitar club. Wm T. Stapley sec.” [Sophia Parker (Almeda Sophia Roundy Parker) here at 67 daughter of Shadrach Roundy, wife of John Davis Parker, mother of Charles Parker.]

p. 63 (14 Feb 1897): “In the absence of Myron S. Roundy, James Stapley related some of his experiences while crossing the plains for emigrants in company of about 50 wagons with ox teams. Music by W.W. Pollock and Rees James Williams. Song by Johannah Williams and Minnie Berry entitled, ‘Nellie Ray.’ Song by Phillip Davies ‘My Old Cabin Home’, reading [by] Lucy Higgins, ‘The Curse of Liquor.’

Esther PARKER "Robb"

p. 100 (18 Dec 1898): “Sister Elizabeth Roundy read a selection on Kindness. We were then favored with instrumental music by Mahonri and John Stapley, on guitars… Song by Esther Parker, Malinda Williams, Hannah Reeves.” [Esther Parker here age 12 years daughter of Charles Parker and Elizabeth Ann Davis Parker.]

p. 136 (18 Feb 1900): “A song was nicely rendered by Malinda Williams Laura Parker and Rocina Williams accompanied by Miss Annie Isom, on the organ…”[Laura Parker here age 11 daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Davis Parker]

pp. 151-52 (17 Feb 1901): “Song by Rocina Williams Hulda Pollock and Laura Parker… instrumental music on guitars by Rees James Williams and William T. Stapley. After which Bro James Robb gave us a brief lecture on the “Effect of Literature Upon the Human Mind.’ referring to the character of Shilock, as contained in the Merchant of Venice.”

Kanaraville, YMMIA Minutes 1901-1913
Zina Ett PARKER 'Pollock"

p. 9 (2 Feb 1902) “Next was a reading by Jas Robb on Physiology and Ethics of Tobacco. A song was rendered by Johannah Williams and Zina Parker… Elder David White made a few closing remarks principally upon the use of tobacco and profanity.” [Zina Parker here age 19 she is daughter of Charles Parker and Elizabeth Ann Davis Parker.]

Laura Elizabeth PARKER "WOOD"

pp. 9-10 (5 Feb 1902): “We were favored with a song by Rocina Williams Laura Parker and Sarah Roundy. After which the young men retired to their room…”[Laura Parker here age 13 she is daughter of Charles Parker and Elizabeth Ann Davis Parker.]

p. 10 (12 Feb 1902): Instrumental music by William W. Pollock, John Henry and Jos. S. Williams. [William Wallace Pollock married Zina Parker 19 Nov 1902]

p. 11 (16 Feb 1902): Instrumental music by the brothers William W. and J.H. Pollock [p. 12] song by Ethel, Isabell and Malinda Williams and Esther Parker assisted by Jas Robb with his mandolett. Instrumental music by the Pollock brothers. [Esther Parker here age 15 daughter of Charles Parker and Elizabeth Ann Davis Parker.]

Esther, Charles Jr., Laura PARKER

pp. 12-13 (19 Feb 1902): J.J. Roundy and several others bear testimony; no details.

pp. 15-16 (2 Mar 1902): Instrumental music by John Henry Williams and W.W. Pollock… song by Hulda Pollock Laura Parker and Rocina Williams music by Bros. Pollock and Williams.

p. 24 (2 Nov 1902): song by Rocena Williams and Laura Parker.

p. 31 (31 Jan 1903): Hulda Pollock and Laura Parker sing.

p. 34 (special meeting without a date): Dr. George W. Middleton, Stake Supt., presides, releases James W. Williams as president, puts in Riley G. Williams, with Lewis J. Balser as first and William W. Pollock as second counselor.

p. 35 (18 Feb 1903): “Lecture on the ‘Viacarious Work’ was then given by Bro. Joel J. Roundy from the Manual of 1902-1903,” “Bros. William T. Stapley and David L. Davis, favored the congregation with a musical selection…” and then instrumental music.

p. 55 (3 Jan 1904): Song by Sadie Reeves Rocena Williams Laura Parker… music by Lorenzo and Jos. S. Williams.
Laura Elizabeth PARKER "WOOD"

p. 58 (7 Jan 1904): “Current even[t]s were given by Bro. Louis J. Balser namely loss of life in Russia, United States, and Spain also loss of property.” Song by Berry, Lorenzo, Rocena Williams and Laura Parker. [Laura Parker here almost age 14 daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Davis Parker]

p. 82 (22 Feb 1905): “Geo Washingtons birthday there was a dance held forth, and for that reason, there was not no session of mutual that night.”

p. 86 (1 Nov 1905): Conjoint, Sister Mary M. Williams taking charge [as she does regularly at conjoint meetings]. “Brother Joel J. Roundy was then unanimously sustained as the Seniour class leader of the M.I.A. of Kanarra Ward… Brother Joel J. Roundy discussed the first topic entitled Evidences of the Bible…”

p. 108 (12 Feb 1907): Song by Malinda Williams and Laura Parker. [Laura Parker here age 18 daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Davis Parker]

Iva Williams "Wood" and Laura Parker "Wood"

p. 109 (17 Feb 1907): Song by Sarah E. Reeves, Rocena and Iva Williams. [Iva Orilla Williams was life long best friend and second cousin of Laura Parker. Iva married the George Henry Wood best friend and first cousin of Laura's husband John Andrew Wood.]

p. 112 (3 Mar 1907): “A Story by Bro. Joel J. Roundy.”

p. 113 (5 Mar 1907): “Wm. T. Stapley read the first chapter of Rasselas from the Era… [marginal notation says, ‘Boys left the meeting’] Bp John W. Berry, the Junior class Instructor not being present, some of his class namely: Raymond A. Williams, Wallace Davies and John D. Parker left the meeting after the roll was called and credit marks being given.”—Wm. T. Stapley, sec. [John D. Parker here age 15 son of Charles and Elizabeth Davis Parker]

p. 121 (Special meeting, no date, but probably after the 10 December meeting): “Counsellor Jos. S. Williams said he felt like taking his part when he could but was not willing to come and expose himself to the cold as the house was all open…. John W. Platt was a little annoyed at the confusion…. Joel J. Roundy said he felt allright [p. 122] tho everything was not the most convenient. Would like to have things nice for the benefit of the Young men or boys. Jas W. Williams said he felt like Bro. Roundy. Wm. T. Stapley delighted in a clean comfortable and well lighted house and in doing those things for the success of the Mutual.”—Wm. T. Stapley, secretary. [minutes immediately following this are 17 December 1907]

p. 124 (19 Jan 1908): Instrumental music by Wennie Davies and Joseph S. Williams, song by Laura Parker.

p. 170 (14 Dec 1913): “Bro. Joel J. Roundy, Jessie Roundy & Rulon Platt gave the lesson.”

[End of this minute book; next YMMIA records begin in 1931, but they are not written minutes. Instead they are filled out forms.]

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