Friday, November 21, 2008

Simeon Dunn Meets Joseph Smith

Pictorial History - Simeon Adams DUNN meets the Prophet Joseph SMITH
painting by Glen S. Hopkinson

Painting by Glen Hopkinson, commissioned by a descendant of Simeon Dunn. After Simeon had walked about 500 miles from Michigan to Nauvoo Illinois, he met the Prophet Joseph Smith.

The following is from the Life Sketch of Simeon Dunn and I believe it was presented at his funeral In Brigham City, Utah, February 24, 1883

In 1838 James Dunn, the brother of Simeon Adams Dunn, came to Simeon’s home in Van Buren, Michigan on the Huron River. He was a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Simeon was baptized by him on the 15th of April.

Simply embracing the gospel was not enough for Simeon. He had to see the prophet for himself, and perhaps offer his services to the growing church. In June, of 1840, Simeon left Van Buren on foot for Nauvoo, a trip of over 500 miles. There, for the first time in his life he saw a Prophet of God. He also received his Patriarchal blessing from the hands of the Church's first Patriarch Joseph Smith Sr. On July 10, 1840 Simeon started on foot back to Michigan; bearing his testimony to all who would listen along the way. On June 20, 1841 the Dunn family left Michigan to gather with the Saints in Nauvoo, where they arrived on the 5th. of August 1841.

The Prophet Joseph was there to meet them and shook all of their hands. Simeon purchased land from the Prophet on which to build their home. It was located near the mansion house on Hyde and Parley Street. The children of the two families often played together.

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