Tuesday, May 6, 2008

WOOD Family Vacations

[more to be added]

Wood's and Cortney's New York Fairy 1957
Camilla, Lark, Cortney 1 and 2, Gaye, Corinne

Wood's Hill Cumora, NY 1957
Corinne, Camilla, Denise, Lark, Gaye

Wood's, Frank Nelson's and friend Larson, visit Dinosaur National Monument, UT 1962
front left - Leslie Larson, Joyce N. Denise, Wes W., Corinne W.
back left - Gaye W. Lark W., Frank Nelson, Camilla W.

Wood's and Robert Mayfield's plus friend Larson camping at Moon Lake, UT 1964
left Mayfield family, right Wood family and far right Leslie

Wood's and Mayfields's camp at Arches National Monument, UT 1964
Mayfield children far left and far right, Wes W., Corinne W., Denise W., Gaye W.
Doughnut Falls, Big Cottonwood Canyon, UT 1964

Big Cottonwood day trip 1964 cousin Steve WOOD, Corinne, Lark

Lark at Pisa 1972

Wood's at Yellowstone Wes and J.B.

Lark, J.B., Wes at Niagara Falls 1975

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