Thursday, March 20, 2008

Preface Samuel SMITH History

I own this book you can read it in the 10 posts that follow. I have added the photos. 8 Chapters and the appendix follow. Each chapter is a separate post. You can find them under the Labels - SMITH Samuel and SMITH Samuel History.

Judge, Mayor, Post Master, Counselor - Samuel SMITH
The History of Samuel Smith of Sherington, England, His Five Wives and their Posterity
by his great-grandson, Calvin N. Smith

This work has been a labor of love. It has really been more of a job of collating and editing than creative writing, for Amy Smith Hancock was the chief collector and writer of the intriguing story of Judge Samuel Smith, her paternal grandfather.

Amy was a tireless researcher in the genealogical field. She was unstinting in her efforts to amass all the data she could. Unfortunately, she died before she could draw all of her information into permanent form. The series of brief sketches she composed, though, formed the basis for this work and, it is hoped, will serve as a fitting tribute to her memory. She truly had the spirit of Elijah. She dedicated her life, means and talent to extending those golden links between the living and the dead. There are scores of souls on that other shore who praised her name while she yet lived. Now they can personally rejoice with her since she passed away August 26, 1966. No doubt there is great joy in heaven to this day for the tireless efforts she exerted to do her part in the great gathering of records needed to complete the temple work for those who preceded her.

Others who made considerable contributions to this work were Ivy Watson Larsen, Corwin Hancock, Priscilla Hancock Fisher, Beverly Smith Nelson and Hollis Ann Hancock Cabaness. It is hoped that this will be only the first in a series of books highlighting the posterity of Samuel Smith. But whatever the result, be it known that Amy Smith Hancock was the catalyst for the present project. Her influence was felt not only while she was in mortality, but since she passed beyond the veil as well. We can only hope she is pleased with the final product.

Note: Calvin N. Smith, a descendant of Samuel Smith through his third wife Frances Ann, is a Professor of Speech Communication at Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, Illinois 61920. This work was printed in February of 1988.

(*) Genealogy Records located at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.
SSR - Correct according to Samuel Smith Family Record.
NP - Not proven by any legal record.

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