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Mormon Trail - Sarah Jane INGRAM - English/Nauvoo Saints - Child Pioneer

Mormon Pioneer ancestor of Camilla SMITH WOOD
From JR seven generations back to Sarah Jane INGRAM who was orphaned when she got to St. Louis from England. She was taken in by her Uncle Richard Griffiths and Aunt Mary while in Nauvoo. Aunt Mary died while crossing the plains. When arriving in Utah Richard left the children with Sarah WOODING SMITH and went on to California. Sarah Jane INGRAM m. 1853 Samuel SMITH.


English Nauvoo Saints
Sarah ‘Jane’ INGRAM (SMITH) age 4 By SEA and age 9 By LAND / b. 1839 Worcester, Worcestershire, ENG - d. 1872 Brigham City, UT - buried Brigham City.
BAPTIZED: 1852 Utah
England to Nauvoo to UT

BY SEA:1843 aboard bark ‘Yorkshire’. Sarah age 4.
[William and Susannah Griffiths Ingram traveled on this ship with their children (Eliza and James children of first marriage; Richard, Sarah Jane, Fanny Ann) and Richard with his wife Mary Griffiths - (Richard was Susannah’s brother.)
‘Yorkshire’ Information:
Sailing vessel with three or more masts
British / 658 tons
Master: W. Bache
Departed Liverpool: March 8, 1843
Arrived New Orleans: May 10,1843
63 days of passage
Company Leader: T. Bullock
83 LDS passengers
Yorkshire Information:
(Our Pioneer Heritage, Vol. 12, p.433)
Tues., May 2, 1843. About one p.m. the mate of the ship Yorkshire opened The Testament at the 27th chapter of Acts and asked the passengers how they would feel to be shipwrecked like Paul. Elder Thomas Bullock replied instantly, "It is very likely we shall be shipwrecked; but the hull of this old vessel has got to carry us safe into New Orleans." The mate was then called away to hoist the fore-top-royal sail.

Between one and two the next morning, when off Cape St. Antonio, Cuba, there was much vivid lightning, when a white squall caught the fore-top-royal sail, which careened the vessel. When the foremast, mainmast and mizzenmast snapped asunder with an awful crash, the whole of the mast [p.434] above, with the jib and spanker, and sixteen sails and studding poles were carried overboard with a tremendous splash and surf when the vessel righted. Daybreak found the deck all in confusion and a complete wreck. During the day a sail was hoisted from the stump of the mainmast to the bow of the vessel, thus leaving nothing but the hull of the vessel to carry the Saints into New Orleans.

(Our Pioneer Heritage, Vol. 8, p.232)
Wed., May 31, 1843—The steamer Amaranth landed at Nauvoo with the Saints who had left Liverpool in the Yorkshire, under the care of Elders Thomas Bullock and Richard Rushton. "All were well." Also on board were some Saints who had left Liverpool more recently in the Swanton.
Emigration Information:
Sarah Jane and siblings Francis Ann and Richard were orphaned at St. Louis 1844. They then lived in Nauvoo with their mother’s brother Richard and Mary Griffith.

BY LAND: 1848/1849 Unidentified wagon train. Sarah age 9.
Pioneer Information:
Siblings Richard, Sarah Jane, and Francis Ann traveled with uncle and aunt Richard and Mary Griffiths (Mary died on the plains).

Sarah and Fanny lived with Sarah WOODING SMITH TURPIN in Utah before they move to Brigham City to work for Samuel SMITH. Both girls later married Samuel.

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Sister - Frances Ann INGRAHAM (7)Ingram, Fanny, 1843, NA, Yorkshire, Ship roster on microfilm(s) 200151
Ingram, Fanny, 1850, 10, Utah 1850 Census, Great Salt Lake County Page 63 Microfilm 25540

Camilla SMITH - George Ensign SMITH pedigree

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