Thursday, September 27, 2007

Children of John WOOD Sr. and Ellen SMITH WOOD

1- Sarah Ann WOOD and husband Samuel Winsborough WESTERN
Sarah was born 8 May 1850 Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England and died 7 Feb 1920 Deseret, Millard, Utah.

2- Eliza WOOD was born 7 Jan 1852 Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England and died 14 Feb 1852 in England.

3- Cyrus Nephi WOOD was born and died while crossing the planins on the Mormon trail.
17 Jun 1853 - 21 Aug 1853

4- Ellen WOOD and husband Isaac Davis BROWN
Born in Lehi, Utah, Utah on 21 Dec 1854 and died 29 May 1921 Rich (Pingree), Bingham, Idaho
Ellen WOOD BROWN is buried at Thomas, Blackfoot, Bingham, Idaho

5- Charles WOOD (twin)6- Mary WOOD (twin)Both Charles and Mary were
born 23 Apr 1857 Lehi, Utah, Utah and died 23 Apr 1857 Lehi, Utah, Utah.

7- John WOOD Jr. (twin) and wife Sarah Jane GIBSON daughter of George Washington GIBSON.
John and twin sister Jane were born 27 Sep 1858 Lehi, Utah, Utah.
John died 9 Sep 1931 Hurricane, Washington, Utah

8- Jane WOOD (twin) born 27 Sep 1858 Lehi, Utah, Utah died 12 Oct 1858 Lehi, Utah, Utah.

9- George Henry WOOD "Nen" and wife Emily Louise HASTINGS (twin of Mary Elizabeth HASTINGS JOHNSON)"Nen" WOOD born 1 Dec 1860 Lehi, Utah, Utah and died 7 May 1898 near Grafton, Washington, Utah.

10- Emily WOOD and husband George Andrew GIBSON son of George Washington GIBSON
Emily born 21 Dec 1862 Virgin, Washington, Utah died 3 Jan 1951 of Hurricane, Washington, Utah.

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LaRene Wood Layton said...

Correction Lark, Emily Hastings Wood's twin sister was Mary Elizabeth Hastings Johnson.

Emily Wood Gibson's death date is 3 Jan 1951.